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sunday, february 24

Phil HansenPhil Hansen
2:05 – 2:50pm

Embrace the Shake


Phil Hansen
“The Artist for the People”
Referred to by his fans as “the Artist for the People”, Phil Hansen is an internationally recognized
multimedia artist, speaker, author and innovator — at the forefront of bringing art to a wider audience. Crashing irreverently through conventional boundaries, Phil works at the intersection of traditional art,
electronic media, offbeat materials, and interactive experiences. He is most widely known for his metaart, videos that document the creation process (sometimes even through destruction), showing millions that art is action, not just result. Hansen’s work also extends deeply into traditional media with features on the Discovery Channel, Good Morning America, the Rachael Ray Show, Last Call with Carson Daly, Glamour and many more. His work is sought-after by many influential clients including the Grammy Awards, Disney, Skype, Mazda and the Rockefeller Foundation. For the tens of millions who have seen Phil’s art on TV and online, it’s hard to imagine that his artistic journey nearly came to an end when a tremor developed in his drawing hand. In exploring new ways to create art, Phil discovered that by embracing his shake, limitations could become the passageway to creativity.

His inspirational story was first shared on the TED stage to a standing ovation, and then shared around
the world including on PBS, BBC and CCTV. Now, Phil’s ability to draw parallels to the business setting
has won him followers among industry and business leaders, leading to invitations to speak at the TED2013 conference, Adobe MAX Creativity Conference, World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates, and the Million Dollar Round Table. “Phil’s message of self-reinvention and the power of transforming adversity into opportunity is one that translates well across audiences—regardless of the industry. His message inspires, motivates and re-energizes the creative spirit in us all.” – Ford Motor Company “We need to first be limited in order to become limitless.” – Phil Hansen

Besides speaking and doing art, Phil is an advocate for advancing art education. He’s the author of Tattoo a Banana, a guide to exploring creativity through art with everyday materials. And he’s the founder of Goodbye-Art Academy, providing high quality and free art education videos to teachers and students everywhere.

monday, february 25

Maxwell Luthy
2:05 – 2:50pm

Daily Keynote:5 Trends Reshaping Retail in 2019


Consumers get harder and harder to please by the day, with their expectations climbing ever higher. Maxwell Luthy will share five key trends that supermarkets, clubs and other food retailers can harness to delight shoppers in 2019 and beyond. Discover the revolutionary implications of the shift from e-commerce to a-commerce, the value in a Magic Point-of-sale, new extremes in the pursuit of health and wellbeing and more. In one session, supercharge your strategy with examples of best-practice from all over the world.


Maxwell Luthy
Professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business
Maxwell Luthy is the Director of Trends & Insights at TrendWatching. He speaks at conferences around the world and delivers consumer insights to clients such as Google, Target, Starbucks, the Walt Disney Imagineers, Spotify and the Dubai government. Max has been quoted by the Financial Times, strategy+business and The Next Web. Previously he ran TrendWatching’s 3,000 member spotter network and wrote the book Trend-Driven Innovation.