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sunday, april 7

Jeffery Ma
Jeffery Ma
6:00pm – 6:45pm
Opening Keynote: The $100,000 Lesson: Business Lessons from the World of Blackjack


How one deals with losing tells a lot about the person. Losing tests our confidence, our conviction, our ability to deal with future risk and more importantly our character. The real story and real lessons of 21 come from the adversity faced on the blackjack table. Sharing the story of losing $100,000 in two hands of blackjack, Ma reveals how he recovered his confidence through teamwork, trust, creativity, and goal-setting. “The $100,000 Lesson” is about more than winning and losing: it is about learning how to fight obstacles in order to create the best team possible


Jeffery Ma
SVP, Product and Analytics at Duetto

Jeffrey Ma is an established entrepreneur, business strategist and member of the renowned MIT blackjack team, He is the expert that companies and organizations, including Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Ford and McDonald’s turn to for insight on harnessing the power of technology-driven platforms to optimize performance, customer loyalty, and overall success.

Since inspiring the best-selling book, Bringing Down the House and the hit film, 21, Jeffery has founded and sold multiple companies, most recently, tenXer, which he sold to Twitter. Jeffrey now serves as senior director of business insights and group project manager at Twitter.

With an extraordinary real-life tale that illustrates the power of data, coupled with an entrepreneur’s business expertise, Jeffery offers fascinating insight on strategy, risk, analytics, and how to play your cards right, every time.

monday, april 8

OnPoint Discussion
2:00 – 2:45pm



In this insightful discussion, Dr. Garry Vermaas CEO of BASE4 and Erik Rowen, President of Development and Renovation Services at McKibbon Hotel Management who will explore the question: why does the cost of architecture, engineering and construction continue to go up while the quality goes down and time to complete increases – how can we fix this?

Garry VermaasDr. Garry Vermaas


With more than twenty-five years of experience in structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design and construction, Dr. Garry Vermaas is the founder and CEO of Base4, Modz4, and Vida4. He serves his team to be able to harness the innovation of technological advances to speed production amid the somewhat archaic brick-and-mortar A/E industry. Offering full A/E and modular design, his teams provide all architectural and engineering services in-house, using 3D BIM (Revit) and well-coordinated final outputs. Currently, his culturally- and technologically-diverse team of over 270 team members continues to develop technology-driven organizational and A/E data-sharing systems to communicate with fellow A/E team members in real-time. The global office allows the team to have a 24-hour workday and pass quality products, time-efficient client services, and significant cost-savings to their strategic partners and clients. Dr. Garry Vermaas decidedly built Base4, Modz4, and Modz4 on four main values, with the 4 representing the four values of the company, namely honesty, humility, respect, and fun. Dr. Garry Vermaas now resides in Franklin, Tennessee, with his wife of 22 years, Dr. Jodi Vermaas, and their 12 children (10 adopted from China, India, and the Philippines).

Erik RowenErik Rowen
President of Development and Renovation Services at McKibbon Hotel Management